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Wins Gable Development Limited

We are constantly evolving to provide high-quality services

Wins Gable Development Limited — a dynamic trading company specializing in the wholesale of a wide range of goods, including equipment, vehicles, food products, household equipment, etc.

Our company works with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world to offer our customers the highest quality and innovative products at competitive prices. We strive for long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and mutually beneficial conditions.

The equipment we offer covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, medicine, transport and much more. We supply industrial equipment, electronics, tools, machine tools, automation systems, data processing equipment and much more.



Our company has all the necessary legal documents, certificates and licenses

Professional team of


Our team has a lot of experience. They are constantly undergoing certification and improving their qualifications

A wide range of


We are engaged in the supply and sale of goods, equipment and other worldwide. Passage of customs control


Main directions

The range of our services is very huge and is constantly expanding. New Wally Target International Trade Co. is a reliable partner in the field of international logistics and customs clearance

Wholesale purchases

Wholesale purchases from manufacturers and suppliers to provide goods and products for further sale.

Consulting and supply

Consulting services in the field of supply and logistics, including supply chain optimization, process improvement, market analysis, etc.

Export and import

We specialize in international trade and provide services for the export and import of goods between different countries.

Branding and marketing

We develop our own brands and conduct marketing campaigns to promote our products on the market. Packaging, logos, advertising, promotions

Why we

Advantages of our company

Trusted suppliers

We work only with large, serious companies and enterprises

Сlient support

Сlient support at all stages, answers to questions, solving problems that have arisen

Fast speed

We work only with large, serious Maximum speed of application processing, minimum deadlines for completing tasks, quick resolution of issues


Reviews of satisfied customers

For our long experience, we have received more than 100 positive reviews and feedback


Why we

Advantages of our company


Vehicles of well-known brands, trucks, agricultural transport


Industrial equipment, machine tools, conveyor systems for production


Household appliances, clothing, food, household chemicals, sports goods

WGDL co.


公司名称: Wins Gable Development Limited

成立日期: 2023年7月14日

Unit D3, 11/F, Luk Hop Industrial Building, No.8 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon,HK

電話Tel: 53008243

傳真Fax: 28055200


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